At the age of thirteen I left my native Sweden forever and my life journey has taken me to many corners of the world. Numerous countries and nationalities later, on both sides of the Atlantic, I finally and definitively landed on Spanish soil in 2003.

My careers have included real estate manager, fitness coach, Spanish teacher, notary public, psychotherapist, syndicated newspaper columnist, sculptor, and ultimately – most successfully – bestselling author, writing as Kitty Sewell.

As of 2013 I’ve been spending less time in front of a computer. I keep a novel on the go but am essentially taking a break from my 10-year whirlwind writing career in order to concentrate on my first loves - art, sculpture and landscape architecture.

With my partner Nick, an engineer and musician, in our mountain paradise in southern Andalucía we've created an exotic two acre sculpture garden atop a high ridge overlooking the Mediterranean.

The Sculpture Garden has been an ongoing project, which has increasingly taken hold both on a personal and public level. People have discovered that behind our walls there is lots of stuff growing, both organic and inorganic. Since we opened the door to visitors, hundreds of people come every month. Many return again and again, bringing family and friends.

Concurrently, in a generous bid to support our project, sculptors from countries far and wide have either donated or lent works to the garden. Many sign up to our “Artist in Residence” programme. For me this has been a wonderful way to make new and interesting friends and expand my own knowledge of art, sculpture and running a sculpture garden. My distant family used to say that I was “holing myself away” in the hills, but now the world is coming to us. In ever greater numbers!

The reviews in our visitors’ book testify to how much our guests love to spend time in the calm beauty of our garden, enjoying the art, the garden and the live classical music, played by Nick and friends. Many of them return repeatedly. It gives us great pleasure to know that we can in a small way contribute to pleasure, well-being and, above all, inspiration in our fellow human beings.

The Sculpture Garden is a continuously growing and evolving entity, without end, contributing to our individual growth and evolvement as artists and people. For us success is all in the pursuit, not so much the end result.

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